His mission is to help the people to achieve their dreams by improving this brain ability
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Brain, Mind Meditation & Yoga Trainer

• Improved Memory • Better Focus • Higher Level Of Self-Confidence • Improved Logic • Higher Levels Of Emotional Well-being • Improved Problem Solving Skills • Higher Levels Of Motivation

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DMIT & Quantum speed reading expert

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) this test behaviour, personality IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, SQ, brain dominance and 9 types of multiple intelligence information is provided. It would be definitely much helpful to the parents not only suggest but to choose a best career option to their wards.



Leadership Development. . How to improve Productivity at work,stress management, Radical Forgiveness,How explore Business, Harassment Prevention.Emotional Intelligence/EQ.etc

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Marketing and Motivational Speaker

Team Building, Overt Benefit, Reason to Believe, Dramatic Difference Eliminating De-Motivation Having Great Meetings, The Secrets to Getting Sales by 5 pm Sales and Dating: The Same Rules Apply Mastering Your 10 Second Pitch UN-Selling, Cold Calls, Callbacks, and Lead Optimization, How to Eliminate Your Competitor.

About me

Akhilesh Baitule is a Founder and Director of Pragati Brain Power Improvement Training Center, International Certified brain and mind trainer, Quantum speed reading expert, Successful Parenting trainer, DMIT, Marketing and Motivational Speaker, Meditation, Yoga, and Stress Management trainer, Corporate Trainer and Entrepreneur.
The Human Brain is an Indescribable Pattern Matching - Matching

Akhilesh Baitule is an internationally certified trainer.All about Brain and Mind Parental, Meditation, Quantum speed Reading, Yoga and youngest, Entrepreneur in this field his started his career at the age of 18 as a motivational and marketing speaker in the corporate world. He completed his, Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, He got international certification as a Brain and mind trainer from Malesia and started his Owe Brain Training Center named as Pragati Brain Power Improvement Training Center in 2012 Amravati, Maharashtra. He explores his business across India and gives more than 100+ franchise in India more than 2 Lack students are benefited from his training. Akhilesh Baitule is especially Quantum speed reading expert trainer for children of age 5 to 15 year he conduct the adult's brain training workshops in many cities of India he also Conducts the business development program with brain development in Government And corporate sector .He youngest Brain trainer who gives the training to start and central Government’s officers of India .

Honored With Over 100 + Awards And Recognition's

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